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Hello there! My name is Pia Spieler. I'm a designer based in Germany. I'm passionate about design, cats, equality and Harry Potter. In my free time I like watching good movies, reading books, doing yoga, meeting my friends and being online. I have a bachelor's degree in Intermedia Design from University of Applied Sciences Trier. Intermedia Design combines web design, video production and video post production, audio production, hypermedia, typography, user experience design, installation design, conceptual design, interaction design and graphic design. I personally see my strengths in conception, layout design, web design, photography and photo editing. I'm currently working as a junior designer for B2B at Virtual Identity, a web agency, in Freiburg. This website showcases some of my personal works and gives you an opportunity to reach me directly or on other social media. Cheers!


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Pia Spieler